U-Power Group is the obvious result of a series of sales, marketing and product quality policy initiatives that have received positive feedback from the market, confirming the validity of the strategy implemented and the reputation of the Brands represented.

A long history of success that started with the acquisition by P.F. Uzzeni of the company founded by his father, Almar, and which, over time, led to the registration of the Aimont brand. After Almar was sold to the investment fund CVC Capital Partner and the JAL Group was created - which also includes the main European competitors Jallatte and Lupos – P.F. Uzzeni founded U-Invest and left the JAL Group.

This is when the production, distribution and marketing of U-Power safety footwear began, which gained a leading position in the European market immediately. In 2013, U-Invest acquired the main assets and brands of the JAL Group, including the Brands Jallatte, Aimont and Lupos, and in 2017 U-Power launched the innovative Red Lion range. Since 2019, it is a market leader in the safety footwear sector in Europe.


The philosophy “Don’t worry… be happy!” reflects the Company’s mission and commitment to the needs of those who wear U-Power safety footwear.

The Company’s goal is to be recognised as a reference point in the field of accident prevention and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), thanks to its know-how and expertise capable of meeting workers’ needs and improving their quality of life.

In 2017, U-Power launched the Red Lion range and in 2019 it became a market leader in the safety footwear sector and, in 2018, it launched the technical workwear range with a 100% Made in Italy design, which had an excellent market result.

The continuous investments in Research & Development, with the introduction of new technologies increasingly responsive to ergonomics requirements and specific needs, aim to meet not only the worker’s need for comfort but also a medium- and long-term health prevention goal.

A vision and a commitment that gives maximum dignity back to work, to the worker and to the critical issues concerning Occupational Safety.


Jallatte has been a market leader in France in the safety footwear sector for over 70 years. The Company’s strength is its ability to guarantee a product that offers safety, comfort, innovative technologies and a design in line with market trends, always with great attention to the protection of the worker’s health and well-being.

Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies and innovative and multi-density soles, Jallatte offers safety footwear designed according to an ergonomic approach suitable for all physiologies and all work situations. The Company was created in 1947 in Saint-Hippolyte du Fort by Pierre Jallatte, who imported the idea of safety footwear to France from the United States. In 70 years of activity, Jallatte has always been among the most innovative and dynamic manufacturers in the safety footwear market.

Today, Jallatte can be found in France and abroad: Italy, UK, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zeland, North Africa and Middle East.


Aimont is a historical Italian brand of safety footwear founded in the late Eighties. In the two decades that followed the foundation, it quickly became the most solid and dynamic reference in the domestic market.

The constant technical evolution, combined with the captivating style, the choice of high-quality materials and the colourful design, make the brand instantly recognizable and immediately associated with the highest values of Italian design.

The company was relaunched in 2014 when the collections were reorganized by combining tradition with innovation, with a strong focus on the industrial sector.

Aimont safety shoes are distributed through a network of operators specialized in accident prevention equipment. Today, Aimont boasts a strong presence in the main European markets alongside the Jallatte Brand, which it complements in terms of product type and price positioning.

For Aimont, safety, comfort and innovation are constantly developing and, thanks to a supply chain of consolidated expertise in the sector, it offers effective solutions that meet all the main working requirements.