A path of integration of the issues of sustainability and environmental protection.

U-Power Group recognizes the impacts that its business has on the environment and the resulting responsibilities, and is committed to managing production processes in a sustainable and responsible way, in compliance with the law and striving to continuously improve its performance.


The Group is committed to managing the resources along all the production stages - from raw materials to waste - in a responsible and efficient manner, focusing on reducing energy consumption during production as well as the impact of its products in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, also raising its customers' awareness on these issues.


To realize its commitments, the headquarters of the production plant in Tunisia have adopted an Environmental Management System (EMS).

Through the EMS, the Group adopts a preventive approach in managing the risks associated with environmental aspects, in line with the approach of the ISO 14001 standard, which provides for an assessment of the significant environmental risks associated with the production site.


In 2020, the total energy consumption in the Group's two production sites amounted to 79,796 GJ, a decrease of 4% compared to 2019.

In 2020, the Group's GHG emissions amounted to 9,295 tons of CO2, a decrease of 4% compared to 2019 (calculated considering location-based scope 1 and 2 emissions).


The verification and selection of raw materials are crucial activities to guarantee the high quality of the U-Power product.

The materials that are most used in the production phases are polyurethane-based compounds, different types of fabrics such as leather, synthetics and yarns, as well as steel, aluminium and packaging materials such as plastic, wood and cardboard.

Over the last year, in particular as part of the U-Green project, the Group has focused on the search for materials with a lower environmental impact such as, for example, recycled polyester, fabrics generated from recycled materials and a specific type of polyurethane produced from renewable raw materials.

The Group's commitment is to continue the constant search for the best performing materials, both in terms of quality and environmental performance.


U-Power Group is also engaged in the management and reduction of waste deriving mainly from the production process.

In 2020, the Group generated a total of 2,965 tons of waste at its plants, recording a slight increase, equal to 5%, compared to 2019.